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クアート オリジナルパーツ

QUARTT Original Parts

Blanthem 【for 2020y ESCALADE】 

Blanthem body kit

フロントリップスポイラー、サイドステップ、リアハーフスポイラー リアルーフスポイラー、独自のデザイン要素を取り入れたこのボディキットは、エレガントでスポーティな外観を実現するだけでなく、車両のダウンフォースを最適化し、高速走行時の安定性を向上させます。
キャデラックエスカレードに独自のスタイルとパフォーマンスを求めるお客様に、ブランセム ボディキット が新たな可能性を提供します。


Made in Japan
​※ロングボディにはサイドステップ 取り付け不可

Blanthem body kit

We have developed a new body kit for the Cadillac Escalade 2020 model year. This body kit is designed based on advanced aerodynamics to enhance both the vehicle's appearance and performance.

Incorporating unique design elements such as front lip spoiler, rear half spoiler, rear roof spoiler, and more, this body kit not only achieves an elegant and sporty exterior appearance but also optimizes the vehicle's downforce, enhancing stability during high-speed driving.

Furthermore, in order to ensure both durability and lightweight design, we have meticulously used high-quality materials throughout every detail. The Blanthem body kit, made in Japan, offers a new realm of possibilities for customers seeking distinctive style and enhanced performance for their Cadillac Escalade.

Made in Japan
​※Please note that for the long-body variant, the side step attachment is not possible.

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